An island feel with a cosmopolitan vibe

For more than half a century, since the 1960s, Mykonos, the diamond of the Cyclades, has been sparkling in the sunlight and the glare of publicity, and has become the top cosmopolitan destination worldwide! On this 86,125 m2 island of VIPs, you'll encounter a heady mix of picturesque villages and quiet bays next to noisy all-night clubs and beach bars, small seaside taverns co-existing alongside award-winning gourmet restaurants, and small fishing boats sailing next to super deluxe mega yachts... Explore that dizzying mix of images and experiences Mykonos has to offer, and uncover the secrets that lie hidden in every corner of the island, just below the surface of this glamorous isle.

It goes without saying that no trip to Mykonos would be complete without getting to know Delos, the island where Apollo and Artemis were born, so make sure you book a day-long boat trip.

Tour the ancient city, admire the houses and hostels, wander round the Agora and squares and marvel at the public spaces and temples of the gods before finishing your trip with a visit to the Delos Museum, home to a wealth of exhibits.


to suit every taste

As you tour the island, you'll come across lovely quaint villages, chapels and monasteries clinging to rocks, leeward bays and crowded beaches.

Using Aeolos Resort as a base camp, explore the island's unique beaches; beaches to suit every taste. Head northwest and you'll come to Agios Stefanos Beach with its large colourful pebbles and with the chapel of the same name and a great view out to the nearby islands of Delos, Rinia and Choulakia.

Further north are the beaches of Agios Sostis in Panormos Bay and Ftelia, which are the meeting point for diehard windsurfers. Heading southwest, Ornos is a must as is the family-oriented Agios Ioannis Beach with its excellent on-beach services and amazing view of Delos, while Kapari Beach is for the more discerning crowd.

Heading south you'll discover Mykonos' most popular beaches, such as ever-popular Psarrou with its firm sand, little Paraga Beach with its white sand, crystal clear waters and fine gravel, the super organised Paradise Beach (Kalamopodi) and Super Paradise Beach (Plintri), renowned for their wild parties, and a bit further Elia Beach, which is one of loveliest and largest sandy beaches the island has, and last Kalo Livadi, the new hot-spot favoured by the VIPs. Southeast is the lovely Kalafati Beach with its tamarisk trees, where you can find a windsurfing and diving school, and the neighbouring Agia Anna Beach, which is much quieter, with finer sand and another diving school.



Sunset seen from Little Venice, the charming little neighborhood in Mykonos town with the houses of rich merchants and sea captains built right on the waves, is perhaps the highpoint of a trip to Mykonos, as the deep red sun dips in the Aegean, painting their mansions and their balconies in glorious hues. 

Alternatively, walk up the small hill with the famed windmills that look out to the sea, offering a panoramic view towards Little Venice and the town. These windmills which have stood strong and firm against the rough northerly winds create an idyllic pictureq a magical final chapter in your exploration of Mykonos town. 


clubbing and even more clubbing!

On this celebrity island, the parties and dancing are non-stop! The hip beach bars at the island's most popular beaches, Ftelia, Psarrou, Kalo Livadi, Panormos, Paradise & Super Paradise, are packed from early morning with gym-fit bodies dancing wildly. 

As the sun sets, people flock to the cafes at Little Venice to enjoy the magical sunset. Things hot up as the night progresses at the tens of bars that line the town's narrow streets and Matogianni St. This is the most frequented lane in the commercial heart of the town and draws in celebrities, fashionistas and travellers from all over the world. 



Mykonos' local dishes and recipes are ample proof that this cosmopolitan island has never lost its real gastronomic traditions. Traditional meals always include cured meats, be it tasty sausages or the aromatic louza (a local preserved meat dish), and local cheeses such as tyrovolia, spicy kopanisti or xinotyri cheese. 

Local delicacies are packed with the flavours of both land and sea. Make sure that you try mostra (barley rusks, grated tomato and kopanisti cheese) , fennel patties, aubergine pilaf rice, broad beans with lard and fennel, kale with lard, various types of mushrooms, snails cooked with onions or with rice. Local seafood specialities include roast Skaros (a kind of parrot fish) and marinated fish, while local meat dishes include lamb fricassee with fresh amaranth, or sliced pig's heads with cabbage. 

For dessert, try melopita (honey pie), tsimbita(sweet cheese pastries mixed with honey, cinnamon and orange zest, similar to the ones also found on Crete and Santorini) , Mykonian rafiolia in the pan, orgeat and a range of other almond based products.